Monday, March 24, 2008

I absolutely love EASTER.
I love the weather, it was absolutely beautiful.
For years (more than I care to maybe 20+)
our family has headed out to the desert for:
1. Great Food
2. Horse Shoes
3. A Dirt Mustache
4. Thorns in our socks
5. Time with the Family
6. Hunting Eggs
7. Priceless Memories
Chase desperately trying to find one of 2 money eggs.
Wyatt found the SILVER egg first, so he was dying to find the GOLD egg next.

Addison or as I like to call her "Addy"

Caeda or as her mother calls her "Caeda Dale",
she won't look at me when I try to snap her picture.

And then there's Bailey or "Bay" as I call her.

This was Chase's lot of eggs that he scavenged from the front yard.

Another Easter gone, means the beginning of the...
yes I said the the dreaded word.
Time for Nate to get the Swamp Cooler goin'
before the GIANT electric bills start to arrive once
we turn the air conditioner on.
Time to clean and weed the back yard.
Time to get the GARDEN in.
EASTER means lots of TOMATOs,
just around the corner.

Pop and Gram helped Chase color eggs,
Pop got tired of trying to rub on the
Spider man tattoos. They were kinda of small.
Chase made quick work of the egg coloring.

I could hear Chase in the living room and wasn't sure what kind of mess he was making. It sounded like he was tearing a wall out. This is what I found...

Spider Man had stopped by for a visit.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This weekend, Chase was able to see and play with one of his cousins who lives in Queen Creek. They brought along one of these Electric Razor Scooters. Keep in mind that both Chase and Ethen are only "6", yes I said only six. So much to my surprise after about 30 minutes, Chase is off down the road on this RED, MOTORIZED, TERROR CAUSING, TWO-WHEELED DEMON having the time of his life. My heart was in my throat everytime he would wiz by. I hate to admit it but now I wish I had a picture.