Saturday, November 27, 2010

In March of this year we thought we
were finally gonna be done with
the mary go round of tubes and ear
infections with Chase.
Not so... the picture below
is the normal tube that is placed
for most kids for ventilation
and drainage. Well my kiddo has
had more than 8 sets of these
little blue or teal beauties placed
in his ear and after about 6 months
his little ears promptly reject them,
seriously they spit them out and we
start the whole up and down process
of DR visits, antibiotics, needing a
hearing aid, being grumpy and
very irritable, all over again.
As a parent you wonder and wonder
are you making the right choice?
Will your child hear normally for a
normal length of time or will they
require a hearing aid prematurely?
Should I or shouldn't I? Questions and
more Questions?????? So you search for
a surgeon who wil use a different tube, one
with little wings that should stay put
for longer than 6 months, like the one below.
Then you have this over-whelming
feeling that you need to pursue a
more agressive surgeon, one who
agrees that more most be done, that
this many occurances now moves
your child from the rare 2% of the
population to the very rare:
0.5% of the population.
And you ask yourself, how did
we get here to this point? Why has
he not outgrown this as you've been
told over and over that he will.
So you select a surgeon who
will place a semi-permanant tube
that will stay in place for 2 years and
have to be surgically removed and will
also require a patch in the ear drum.

And again you will worry and wonder,
and worry and wonder, some more,
if you have made the right choice?
Only time will tell...