Monday, July 27, 2009

TRIPLETS that is...
These super cute little ones
are my nieces. This first
pic is of the first day back
to preschool. They
love riding the big
yellow bus to school. Here is my latest
sewing project.
The top is from
TrotterSweetPea and
the pants are from
I had so much fun
making them.

Here's Addison or Addie
as I call her.
Bailey and her cute little self.

I can never get a good pic
of Caeda.

Here's to a HAPPY
SEWING Monday...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chase started 2nd grade
last week. Boy that summer
break went by really fast.
Here are pics form the big day.
Chase was not happy to
see the camera so
I barely snapped these pics
of the big day. Before we left the house...
Waiting for the bell to ring...

Not happy that I am taking
his pic in front of his buddies...
he really made it hard
for me to get any good
pics at all...

Anxiously waiting for the crazy
mom to leave so he can get
on with his day.
All in all it went well.
He was a little worried
about my choice for his teacher.
She has a rep for being stern,
very structured and not the
"fun one" that he wanted.
But she is a genius
when it comes to teaching
reading skills.
As the week went on he began
to relax and his response
to my daily questions
have been that he is
having a great time.
I no doubt attribute
this to the Father's Blessing
that he had the night before the
first day of school. Thank
heavens for the power
and authority of the priesthood.

Lil' Miss No Name has
a name:
She is soooo sweet.
Almost house broken
and loves to cuddle, eat
and play. She weighs barely
over 2 pounds.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My sweet SIL Anna had a little
surprise for me this evening.
She called Nate's phone earlier
today. I answered and she informed
me she wanted Nate.
He hands the phone to me a few
minutes later and she comes
over and picks me up.
We head out with her triplet
LIL' thing is what we came
home with.
She is sooo TINY...
I'll have to get out the
Postal Scale tomorrow and
she how much she weighs.
She is FIESTY, cute, SASSY
and sooo ADORABLE.
Instantly went to Chase and
let him love on her and she
generously returned the lovin'.
Chewed on Nate's fingers.

She ate a little, played alittle,
peeded alittle and then
curled up with Chase in
his super soft Superman

I have no idea what to name her.
Need alittle help here.
What should I name her???
Thank you Anna for the
sweet, thoughful gift.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ok, since January I have been
working on cleaning out the craft
room or "Dungeon" as I call it.
It was a porch on the back of
our house that was closed in
by the previous owners.
Not a pretty room by any means,
but it serves me well.
Not meant to be pretty,
as we will
be tearing it down soon to
put the porch back on the rear of
the house.
Earlier today Nate comes down
the hall to the laundry
room and asks why all the totes.
I tell him it's fabric I can't fit in my
cabinets or the craft room.
He goes in the room... Looks around, shakes his head

Opens this cabinet and says,
"I found Joann's where's Michaels"?
I laugh and tell him it's not that
bad and he shakes his

Then he opens this cabinet and
again asks "Where did Michaels go"?

These cabinets used to be filled
with paper crafting supplies.
Now they have been moved to the wall
of the second picture.
He mutters as he's leaving the room,
"How are Chase and I supposed
to find all the good stuff"?
Meaning the cardmaking stuff
and all the crafty stuff that Chase likes.
I guess they will just have to look
seeing as how it's all organized
even if it still looks a mess.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nothing like capturing some
summer time goodness to
last through the year.
Everynight for the last
5 nights this is what I've
been up to. Tonight I'm
taking the night off
and will return to the steaming facials
and hot water baths tomorrow. Nothing like home canned
garden ripe tomatoes all
year round. YUM!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Right off my sewing machine.
Just couldn't believe it.
Check back late tonight
for a super 4th of July
sale announcement
on my ETSY.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

YEAH, it's finally finished
and listed in my Etsy Shop.
This darn thing took me
forever. I re-did it twice.
Pulled out a solid teal square.
But it was sooo worth it
in the end.