Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday was a horrible day...
My sweet little guy woke with an upset
stomach, much earlier than he normally does.
I think it's his acid reflux, he throws up a few
times and then he feels better. I send him
to school because he begs to go. He loves school.
I get a call about 45 minutes later to come get him
he's green and throwing up.

Over the next few hours he continues to throw up.
I say a prayer and immediately know I need to call
his Pediatrician. He has never been this sick before.
We schedule an appointment, first they think it's
a bad stomach virus, but no fever or any other
symptoms, Then maybe his appendix, then maybe
a bowel obstruction as he contiunes to throw up
a dark green bile.
Nate and my Dad take hime to the doctor,
to get X-rays
that no one will do at 5pm.
In the truck they give him a blessing.
Finally his prescription is ready.
In 10 minutes he's a competely different child.
I talk to my mom and she mentions that she was sick that
morning too and then we make the connection:
The night before they shared
Chicken Parmagiana (sp??)
at a resturant in town.
Call his doctor change a few things
around, get the xrays back,
rule out everything else and
the poor child had a severe case
It was scary,
I had never seen him so sick and so lethargic.

I am so grateful for Priesthood Blessings.
He's fine today, hungary as a horse, but
can't have anything but the BRAT diet:
Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Click on my post title to watch Chase and I on Fox Channel 10 News. Click on the triangle in the viewer to view the news clip.

Today we had the opportunity to take Chase to the State Capital for a peaceful protest regarding proposed budget cuts to the State Budget that will directly affect all schools in the state. I read an email on Tuesday of this week from Gary Nine, our School District Superintendent. I was very concerned with the proposal by the state to do away with all day Kindergarden, to cut the school week from 5 days to 4 days, to reduce the soft capital budget this year by over a Million $$$ and then to have $0 for , yes zero dollars, for the next school year. This means no school books or curriculum for next year. Cutting the pay for all teachers, doing away with their career ladder, laying off many support staff from our schools. If you are reading this and live here in AZ, I would ask you to do as Dr. Nine did of us at the protest today:

Email your Senate and House Reps today. Email Govenor Brewer while your at it. Call them as well. Then in a few days do it again. Ask those you know to do the same. If your children are finished with school, then do it for your grandchildren. If your children arn't in school yet, then do it for the safety and preservation of their future, their Education. If we let them cut the school budgets so severly this year, what will stop them in years to come from even more drastic cuts??? NOTHING, act now or don't complain later when your child has to do with out.

We missed church to do this. We very seldom miss church. But I thought this was a very worthy cause. I also wanted Chase to be a part of this. One voice, can make an amazing difference and Dr. Nine started as the one voice. And today there were hundreds, I would guess at least 2,500 people there on the lawn of the State Capital today. It was a neat experience, but it is meaningless if it stops there and the voices raised today are quiet tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am at a loss. I have been researching everything I can on this new Child Safety law that goes into effect on Feb. 10th. Not to far away. All children's items must be tested it says. Even blankets. I am all for child safety and protecting our children, but this has gone to far. I cannot imagine the cost of children's toys, blankets and apparel if this is allowed to contiune, much less the impact it will have on small businesses.

How frustrating when I have just gotten comfortable and confident in my rag quilt designs and ideas for additional children's items that I'd like to produce for sale. If I have to test each component in each item I create for sale, at the cost of $200 to $2000 per test, I do not stand a chance and neither do other small business owners. If you know of a loop hole for fabric created items, please send it my way. I have read and re-read all the articles I can find, including the 63 page law itself and cannot say for certain that my designs are safe from the restrictions placed by this new law.

I make alot of blankets and it does not state specifics about the restictions. How am I supposed to know if the fabric I buy is lead free and or less than 600 ppm. How can anyone be certain without having every cut of fabric tested.

This is potentialy devistating news for us small business owners.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chase and I went to the Urgent Care this evening.
I haven't been feeling well, sinus pressure and
I couldn't lay down last night due to alot of pain
in my ear.

Chase on the other hand was a little crabby yesterday
and up really early this morning. He never complains.
This afternoon he says "mom, I have a headache".

This means I really have 2 ear infections, the ear drums
are bulging and I really need to go to the doctor.

So off we go. A very short time later, my sinus pressure
has become a full blown migraine.

In the urgent care, master Chase has a sinus infection and
two very seriously infected ears that need immediate
steroids and antibiotics and I have a sinus infection
and 2 ear infections, defintely not as bad a Chase's.

Chase did think is was great to see me get a shot in my
butt. My migraine was making me sick so I got 2 shots.
One for the pain and one for the nausea.

I am so grateful for Priesthood Blessings. Nate and my
dad were able to give one to Chase this evening. I am
reassured that our Heavenly Father will help Chase
heal quickly. Chase has had 7 sets of tubes in his ears,
and several other surgeries, tonsils and adnoids removed.

He has always been such a trooper. The doctor we saw
could not believe that he was only complaining about a
headache. In fact they looked at us funny when we took
him in. After hearing his history, they quickly apologized
after examining his ears.

Now the fun part. The steroids always make Chase
really mean and grumpy and he cries really easily.
I guess I'll be keeping him home tomorrow from school.
No straining, so we can keep those ear drums intact.

I am off to bed, early for me, but I really need to sleep.
And I need to keep an eye on Chase through out the night.

Happy Sick Tuesday...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Check out the Clozet.
I'm having a clearance sale
on all of my 2008 merchandise.
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The Book of Mormon is TRUE.
That's why they don't want
you to pray about it.
Amazing the lengths some
people will go to, to try
and create doubt.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

( I stole this from a friends blog, it says it all)

The last few weeks have been crazy with the holidays,

kids, kidney stones and all those things I wanted to

get done, that I still have not finished.

Thought I'd set some goals for this year, here goes:

1. FHE weekly on Monday nights (no matter what).

I even got the schedule on the calendar to prove it.

2. Daily Scripture Study, private and family.

Chase is getting baptized this year and now more

than ever we need to get him going.

3. Service. I plan on me and my family performing

random or planned acts of service monthly. We are

going to pick someone or a group and figure out a

way that we can be of some service to them.

4. DESTASH !!! Need I say more. I have tons of

fabric and crafting supplies that I am not using.

5. Get Organized. This one is a novel all on it's own.

6. Food Storage...Keep the momentum going and keep

plugin' away each month on an item for our food storage.

7. Set up a Monthly Craft Saturday. This is in the

works just needs some fine tuning.

8. Pay a full tithe and increase our fast offering
as our Bishop suggested this Sunday.

9. Last but not least the most difficult one of all...

WEIGHT LOSS = Fertility Treatments.

It's time.

I am tired of being fat, yes I said it. FAT. And I really

want another child. Hopefully by putting this in print

for all to see, I can't just over look this goal and maybe,

just maybe I'll really do it this time.