Saturday, April 24, 2010

This little number forced ,me
to confront my fear of removing
the stitch finger from my serger
so I could finish this garment with
a narrow rolled hem on the
overlay. I must say things
went well untill the last 6 inches
when my thread broke. It
made me have potty mouth.
I recovered quickly as I
was on a tight deadline.
Lucky for me I was able to
re-thread quickly and figure
out how to begin again without
causing any damage to the dress.
Glad it's done. There was
a matching Pink one too.
This is really an orange color
but came out rose tinted in the
pictures. Add a gorgeous tutu underskirt
for a full ball gown-Barbie effect.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tonight Nate is in Prescott
after a long drive and it's
snowing on him.
My parents are at the
Eagle's concert. Chase talked
with my parents by phone, you
know how they can't go a day
without seeing him or talking
to him.
I texted my parents to update
them on Grandma and my mom
called back to relay a funny
conversation she had with
Chase earlier.
When Chase had talked to Nate
earlier, Nate mentioned he was in
asked Chase if his dad had left yet
and Chase told her yes that he was
"in hour" she asked if Nate was in the
shower and Chase said ya, in
"the hour"
so mom asked again and
Chase gave the same
reply. After a few times and both
of them getting impatient with
each other, mom finally figured out
that Chase meant "RUSH HOUR"
not "in hour" or "in the shower".
You have to know how my mom and
Chase interact with one another to
understand how this could happen.
Chase frequently miss
states odd words
like that and my mom,
well that's my mom...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This "Finger of Satan"
as Nate calls cactus attacked
Chase last night at the
Father-Son overnighter.
Nate said Chase was off
playing, tripped, fell into
a bush and BAM...
his poor little hand landed
smack on this very piece
of cactus. It was impaled
in his hand from the tip of his
finger to his forearm...OUCH.
This little guy stumbled
into cactus 2 weeks ago. The sad thing is that
Nate said you couldn't see
any other cactus for a mile
and my sweet boy just happened
to find the only piece around...
crazy kid.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I don't want to be one of those
crazy, anal moms, so I have
given in and Chase had decided
not to play the piano anymore.
While this makes me sad, I can
live with it.
Know anyone who wants to
buy a Piano????? Send them
my way. Between school, cub scouts, baseball
and Chase's busy social calendar
he had lots to keep him busy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You have to see this.
I couldn't believe my eyes
lastnight when I saw this
on HSN.
Go to the link below and
watch what this sweet
thing can do. I already
own the Cricut Expressions
and the Silhouette. I wish
this machine was duel
purposed meaning cake and
paper but not so.
Do I really need both???
I want both!!!
Oh Nathan...I have a problem...
I need this new machine
and it's almost $400 smackers...
what do you think???
Read the description below:
Here is the link, you gotta see this:
The Cricut Cake is an easy-to-use personal electronic cutter designed to cut gum paste, fondant and other edible materials, while providing precise, professional-looking results every time. Accompanied by the Cricut Cake Basics cartridge, featuring hundreds of images for cake decorating, the Cricut Cake is designed to work with pre-existing Cricut cartridges as well as Provo Craft's Gypsy and Cricut Design Studio software. The wide array of shapes, fonts and designs found on compatible cartridges makes the Cricut Cake perfect for all culinary decorating occasions, including birthdays, graduations, weddings and holidays.
The machine is similar in design to the existing Cricut cutting machine; however, specific modifications have been made; stainless steel dials, trim, cutting blade and roller, to make it safe for use with food. Additionally, the keypad features a full silicone cover to protect the screen and allow for easy clean-up.
The HSN-exclusive bundle includes the Cricut Cake, a 12x12 food safe mat, cartridge skirt, cleaning brush, blade cleaning basket, Cake Basics cartridge, the Elegant Cake cartridge as well as icing sheets. The bundle will retail for $429.95.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am totally loving this website.
There are games, 4 reading levels,
it will even read to your kiddos,
and I love the printable coloring
sheets. I'll be sad when Chase gets
too cool to color...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

GO #4

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My picutures aren't in order
so as I bounce around our Easter
weekend bare with me...
Here is Chase's poor leg. You can see
some of the dozens of poke
marks and bruises from
the Cholla Cactus that attacked him
first thing Friday night.
It was the worst thing to hear,
your child screaming in pain,
terror and panic. Nate was so
worried about him that he
just grabbed the big clumps
of cactus with his hands, because
Chase was in so much pain.
I had him say a prayer while
dad and Nate were removing
the cactus and needles from
his leg. He calmed down right away.
Later that night we had a
good laugh around the
camp fire. Chase didn't think it
was to funny. I don't blame him.
Here is Addison holding
the snake that her big brother
Andrew killed. The other 2
triplets wouldn't touch it.
They found the snake
when they went to search for
who was screaming for help
behind us in a wash.
Some of our family heard the
cries for help but never found anyone.
They managed to call 911
we later found out, but they
didn't find them either.
Here is Andrew the snake killer.

Chase and the kids hunting

Easter Eggs in the wash
where I hunted Easter Eggs
as a kid.

All the kids anxiously
waiting for the signal to
head out and hunt eggs.

Not sure why this is in here,

love the Girly Girl Fabric Line.
Can't figure out how to delete the picture.

Poor Nate with his swollen
right eye. This was 2 days
later and at least he could see out
of it by then. He was taking
a walk up the mountain with
Addie and Chase when all
the sudden he was attacked
by a very aggressive bee.
Fortunately, they made it down
safe. Nate found a large hive
in a cactus they had walked by.

Chase, Easter moring with his
easter basket. Yep, the Easter
Bunny found him all the way out
in the desert.

Not sure why this is tipped
but not the way I loaded the pic.
Chase and dad on the quad.
Chase lived on this thing. He put
about 60 miles on it this weekend.

The 5th wheel. Nate and I
slept in our tent. Dad, Mom and
Chase stayed in the Desert Hotel.
Gram can't leave home without it.

Chase resting in our tent.

It was a crazy funny weekend.
I'd have to write a mile on
this blog to fit all that happened
in...we had another great
Easter...thanks family for the
priceless memories...