Thursday, May 22, 2008

OK, the flowers in my last post are dead
and we've exchanged Chase's
soft cast for a Walking Cam
(one of those walking boots).
The specialist has placed him in it for
4 weeks and then a recheck.
The bummer is no flip flops
or crocs for 6 months
when he comes out of the boot.
Poor Chase. No jumping either.
That's like trying to keep a
monkey out of a tree,
especially with summer break
right around the corner.
My little guy is in constant motion.
We'll see how this plays out.
The bright side is that his boot is removeable
and he can still swim this summer.
They considered a hard cast
but then that would have been worse.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day started out with Chase feeling sick, coughing and having a fever. Some medicine and rest and he was feeling better.

Nate and Chase were very sweet to me. They gave me cards, flowers and lots of gifts. The family came over and we had pizza (no one was cooking) and lots of yummy desserts.

Everyone left and Chase says his foot hurts. Then it starts to swell, then it swells even more, then Chase is crying and then he can't walk on it. So at 8pm off to Banner Desert ER we go.

This is what we come home with:


I was surprised at how quickly Chase picked up on using the crutches. He's clicking around the house. We'll see how school goes tomorrow???
"Happy Mother's Day" he says, with a giant smile on his face as we sit in the ER.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chase loves that the field is named after him. The only complaint was "Why do they spell my name in all capital letters?" As part of the District 4 Little League day he received a pair of Diamond Backs batting gloves and a Diamond Backs hat. He thought it was all about CHASE...

We were able to sit on the left side along the third base line. I thought we ended up with pretty good seats and will definitely go again. Chase and Bradley were able to walk in a parade around the outer perimeter of the field just before the game started.

This is a picture to show where they walked and where we sat.

Here we are wondering when the game will start. The Mets were having batting practice. We left Chase with the coaches and there were hundreds of kids there all waiting for the parade and the start of the game.
I thought Chase was going to eat the whole time. First it was a corn dog, then popcorn, then a root beer, next some cotton candy, the biggest bag my parents could find. Chase and Dad were literally playing tug of war to see who could eat it the fastest. Then Chase moved on to my cherry slurpee, then to Nate's nachos. He finally finished with some water.
Now the sad news, the D Backs lost.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Still can't believe somedays that I am this little guys mom.
It's amazing how a hair cut and a little soap can transform a dirty, rugged little sprite into such a handsome little boy.

I just love it when the digital camera works magic and captures him at his best. Sure wish I knew what he was thinking. Probably "Mom, hurry up. I hate the shirt, the shoes and just want to play".

He hated this old building and couldn't understand why I wanted a picture of him in front of it. Someday when he looks at this picture and his wife comments on how cute he looks, maybe then he'll understand.


What else can I say, except this is why my world spins around, this is why the sun rises and sets each day, this little man is my heart. I always thought I'd have several children. So far it hasn't been the Lord's will. I am so grateful and blessed that Chase is my son.

This is one tired little boy. His game ended at 9:15 pm. He never complained, he hit the ball and made it to first base both times that he bat.

This little cutie loves to chat with the coach for the other team while they bat.

This is Chase at Opening Ceremonies for the 2008 Florence Little League. He loves every minute of being on the field. Practice and games are 4 nites a week. He is still doing well in school, straight A's, despite some of his games not ending until 9 pm.