Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Go check'em out....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ok, one of my goals was to DESTASH
my craft room, well here goes.
I bought this before I became obsessed
with paper, fabric and anything crafty.
I now have a room filled with things
that I do not use and this is one of them.
It has never left my house. I paid $249 for
this absolute cadillac for the crafter.
It is huge it would fit a small child and
still have room for more, serious.
I am only asking $100 and will even
split it into 2 payments if I know you.
If interested come get it or else some
lucky soul on craigslist can have it.
It has so much storage in it, it even has
a seat cushion and a rain coat for the tote.
It's a fiskars and it was worth every penny.
I just have too much stuff and it's in the way.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few minutes ago I get a call from Chase
who is at my parents house. It goes like
Nate hands me the phone and I can
hear Chase talking a mile a minute:
Chase: Mom, I'm staying the night at
Pop and Grams. ( I laugh, I guess he told
Me: You are????
Chase: Ya, I need some stuff.
Me: Ok, what do you want???
Chase: A shotgun, Willy (the musk ox he
got at the Tucson Zoo), The Moose (a
stuffed moose he got at Sportsman's),
my DS, my IPOD, some jammies, the
ones with the moose on them, my
slippers, oh and some clothes, my
superman blankie ( a huge chenille
throw that my mom bought him),
and hey mom, don't forgot my hot breath
medicine (his prevacid for his acid reflux).
(I'm thinking goodness kid take a breath)
Me: (joking I say) anything else like the
kitchen too???
Chase: No, that's all. Love ya, bye.
Boys don't ya just love them.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

OK, all you Wic Dippers out there ...
Listen up ... Gold Canyon Candles
has a great special for the next few
15% off and FREE Shipping
on orders over $50
Call me so I can tell you how to get it.
Don't wait too long it ends on the 20th.

So Valentine's Day this year was
great as always. Nate and Chase
made me the cutest cards and bought
me some super cute stuff and gave
me some great chocolates.
I had picked a card( one of
those singin ones) out knowing
that Nate would choke when I asked
if he remembered the significance of
the song.
It was I Swear by John Michael Montgomery.
This was the first song we had danced
to when we started dating.
Our 12 year Anniversay is in June
and lets just say that it took him a
few minutes but he recovered nicely
and remembered.

My triplet nieces, Addison, Bailey and Caeda
had their 3rd Birthday Party today.
They are super cute and I had to make
them something super cute.
I started with the crayon rolls ( always
have to make 3 of everything)
and then...

On to these little dresses with matching
skirts for when the dresses became to short.
I found this Super, Super Cute fabric at
Joann's last night and had to scrap the
other outfit I planned to make cuz this
fabric was so much cuter.

Chase had a Valentine's Party
at school yesterday and for weeks
I had been trying to get him to by
Valentine's Cards for his class.
He kept telling me that he wanted to
make them. I kept hoping that he'd
end up buying them. So about a week
ago he tells me:
Chase: Mom, I know what I want
my Valentine Cards to be.
Me: What?
Chase: Dinosaurs for the boys
and Hearts for the girls.
Me: Ok.
Chase: I also need to buy a present
for Addie and Mia.
Me: What kind of present? I know
when Mia's birthday is and it's not
until August....
Chase: No, no Mom a Valentine's
Me: (puzzled) Like what do you
have in mind?
Chase: A ring and a bracelet.
Me: We'll talk about it later.
Well he ended up taking a cute plastic
ring and bracelet to each girl. Friday
night at Dinner he entertains us and the
other couple at our table (we were at
Ischi Ban) with the following:
Me: So did the girls like your presents?
Chase: OH YA, they kissed me!!! (huge smile
on his face)
Me: They what??? Where ???
Chase: On my cheeks in class.
The whole table errupts into laughter.
Me: Chase, how did you give them their
Chase: I just said here...
Boy does he have a lot to learn.

Here's Chase loaded on the
Big Yellow School Bus that took
the 1st Grade to the Reid Park Zoo.
Nate and I were able to go and we
had a good time. Here's some of the pics
that we were able to snap...

Ok, here we go finally a pic of the piano
that seriously took us months to find.
Not knowing what we should have been
looking for really delayed the process.
We had hoped to find someone we knew
who was selling a piano, but no luck there.
We had to resort to Craigslist, Consignment
Stores and My 1st Piano.
Finally we settled on this one and I honestly
couldn't look at another one. It was very
stressful, hoping that we did not get it home
only to find out that we had a real lemon.
We lucked out and found a great bargain
and a good one.

Chase doesn't get it when I ask what he wants to name his piano. Bertha or Betsy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ok, this week has been something and
it's only half way thru. On Monday I had to
take the cat to be put to sleep. He's been sick
and despite visits to the vet just wasn't
getting better.
Chase was upset but handled it well. He keeps
mentioning that he misses him. I
however do not miss the cat fuzz
and his sleeping on my feet.
On Tuesday, Chase had his first piano lesson.
I was so proud of him, he did great. The saga
to find a piano is a whole different post. Right
after his lesson, he was giving one of his friends
that comes home with him the
lesson he'd just had.
It was pretty funny to hear him repeating
what his piano teacher had told him. We love
that his piano teacher comes here to the house
to teach him.
Chase has decided to grow his hair out and I hate
it. I finally cut the sides and back and left the top.
He loves having it spiked up. It's still driving me crazy.
We have scouts and 2 birthdays still this week and lots
more on the list to get done. Now the hunt begins
for a suitable piano bench. Ours didn't come with
a bench, which at the time was the least of my worries.
Happy Wednesday, still need an
extra day this week to get it all done....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Has your day ever started
out like the picture below ????
Well I seem to have had lots of them
lately. I have been in a funk for
lack of a better word.
Then I receive some great news
that really improved our finances
(all because of paying our tithing)
which were definitely causing
my stripes to fall off and unravel
rather quickly....
Then I couldn't get my computer
to print my Cub Scout Calendars,
or anything else that I have begged
it to print lately... among other things
that continue to go wrong...
Then we came home from scouts
this evening and there was this beautiful
suprise waiting for us...
Just the pick - me - up that I so needed ...
Absolutely touched my heart and was
a very gentle reminder as to why
Nate and I have the callings we do.
You never realize how much of an impact
you have on those you serve in
your callings until things like this happen
to bring home that you are loved and
that those sweet little souls you teach
each week, really are listening.

(I'll have to ask her why she thinks I'm so funny)
From one of the sweet, little angels in
our primary class.
Nathan and I are so blessed to have
2 callings one in primary and
1 in scouts. They both keep
us very busy, cuz if you know me
I can't do callings just half way.
I am so grateful that Chase can
be baptized this year and that
we have the opportunity to teach
all 8 of the children in our ward who
will have the chance to be baptized as well.

So Happy Early Valentine's Day to You Too...

OK, we are trying to de-cluter Chase's room.
He has tons of things stuffed in there that
are in LIKE-NEW condition,
well and it's just time to get rid of them.
Here is his My First Leap Pad, if you want it
make me a reasonable offer and come get it....
Here is his Leapster full of extras, if you want it
make me a reasonable offer and come get it....
And this huge, comfy recliner.
We need to make room for Chase's Piano,
he starts lessons next Tuesday.
If you want it, make me a reasonable offer
and come and get it.

Otherwise some lucky soul on Craigslist can come get them.