Wednesday, May 27, 2009

JUNE 1st, check back early
in the morning****
I am so excited to participate in

Item #1 is a List taker with Owls on the cover
a pad of paper and a pen.

Item # 2 is a pint of homemade Jalapeno Jelly
that is perfect with crackers, bread or english
muffins, cream cheese and the jelly of course.

Item #3 is 2 fat Quarters by Joel Dewberry.

1. Leave a comment telling me which
item is your favorite and why.
Like more than one,
leave more than one comment
Comments open until may 31st at 5pm
I will ship international.
My 7 year old son is patiently
waiting until the 31st to
draw 3 lucky names for the
items in my giveaway.
I will announce the winners
on June 1st.
Happy Commenting....
and Happy Give A Way Day....

Saturday, May 23, 2009


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have sooooooo much fabric, way to much.
Time to get rid of some of it.
Here is a cut of flannel that measures
26 inches x 42 inches. $2
These cute bugs 1 yard of the striped bugs,
1 yard of the buzzin bugs and 1.5 yards
of the Spiders and Beetles, all flannel
$9 total for all three cuts.

These two cuts are Firetrucks 1/2 yard
and cars 1 yard for $5

All four of the owl prints are 1 yard each.
$15 total for all four cuts.

These two cute cuts are the Castles 5/8 of a yard
and 2 yards of the Crowns for $8 total.

These sweet leftovers are both
24 inches x 42 inches and $2 for the lot.

Cowgirl flannel is $6 for both yards.

Cowboy flannel is $2 for the 1/2 yard.

Pink flowers 1 yard for $2.

Lizard Flannel 2 yards for $6.

Monkey flannel, Yellow Banana 1.5 yards,
Blue Monkey 1.5 yards, Brown Monkey 2 yards,
5/8 yard of green bananas all for $15.

Ok so as you can see, I have lots. If you are interested
in purchasing any of the lots or single cuts, leave a comment
with and email address and zip code so I can quote you
shipping. First come first serve.
I accept paypal or you can make arraangements
to pick up if you live locally.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yesterday we received Chase's 2009
Baseball pictures. I was shocked to see
how grown up he looked in them and
it had me going thru some of his old pictures.
Like this one for example.
He was such a sweet baby.
And this one with Nate.
Chase was always eating something
or always slobbering.
This is one of my absolute favs.
Gotta love those little duck lips.

Chase playing his first year of T-ball
at 3 yrs. of age.
He would rather play with the
pitchers mound than the ball.
Here he is without his glove.
Coach Garcia was always
asking him where his glove was.

Here is a series of my favorite three.
A friend of my dad's had a massive
camera with a foot long lense and
caught these great pics of Chase
batting. Look at that cute little face.

I see you snapin a pic of me, let me
make it worth your while he's thinkin.

And here, he hit the ball. It was a great hit,
yet he's too busy posing for the camera.

This is his first team picture
his first year of T-ball.
Note the giant thing on his lip.
A huge "feber bister' as Chase
called it. I felt so bad for him.
We found out that summer that
exposure to sun would cause these
huge blisters to form on his lip.
Nasty little things. It actually caused
a scar on his lip if you look really close.
And finally the picture that
caused this whole trip down memory
lane in the first place.
I can not believe how big he looks
in this picture.
In August he will turn
the big "8".
3 years of T-ball down
and his second year
of Coach Pitch mid way
done and


I had always hoped to have 5 or 6 kids.
Well we all know that's not the case.
I love to sew.
I'm not the best but I get by.
I found this crazy cute pattern from
Little Peas and Carrots on Etsy.
It is sooo easy.
Even a beginner could do it.
So I had three super cute yards of
POLKA DOTS and thought wouldn't
my super cute triplet nieces look soooo
adorable in them.
Well viola...
It seriously took me about 30 minutes
to whip up each dress.
Arn't Addie, Bailey and Caeda
just the cutest things you've
ever seen ????
It took longer to get them
ready for school and do their hair
than it did to make the dresses.
Then little Miss Tori had to have one too.
So there I was back at the sewing machine
that afternoon and sure enough
Tori was strutting around in
hers a little bit later.
As you can see the girls are all
different sizes. It was very easy to
adjust the pattern to fit all of them.
The great thing is as they grow out of
them they can layer them
or wear them as a shirt, with shorts,
leggings or jeans.

Monday, May 11, 2009

When Chase came home from school
on Friday he was very careful with his
backpack. He made several statements
about how careful we had to be with it.
Nate said instead of his normal rush
to get to the truck it took forever.
Why is that you wonder. Well my
Mother's Day gift was in there and he
had been told a very sad story from
Dr. Nelson so he was being extra careful.
So on Saturday I was not feeling well.
This darn fibroid has been really buggin'
me since Wednesday. Lots of pain and
So on Sunday I still wasn't felling well.
Nate made me his famous french toast
and bacon. Nate actually makes
better french toast than I do.
Then on to opening my mother's
day gift from Chase. It is a plaster
form with his hand print in it, with a
cute little poem on the back and being
a helping hand. It even came with some
cute little coupons for Chase to help me out.
All in all it was a great mother's day. Chase's card
was so cute. According to him I am smart because
I know the answer to 11 + 100, I am great because
I let him get toys and I am as pretty as a
I just love this little guy to death.
Nate was so kind as to buy me
a pressure canner. Now I have my own
and don't have to borrow one anymore.
Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009