Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls
at you and then you find yourself adjusting and
I hadn't realized it had been so long since I
last posted. Let's just say I've been really busy,
working, working some more, moving
and few other important things...
I had made some skirts out of some fabric I had
in my stash for the triplets. I bought
some coordinating tops and faux ugg boots for them
and my SIL says she can't keep the girls out of their
twirly little favorites.

These are some of my mom
bought the girls some darling Hello Kitty and
Zebra Print rain boots to wear with them.
My SIL and brother thought we were crazy,
but the trips have to be wrestled to get the skirts
off to go in the washing machine, haha, I love it.

And there's Nana...
I love that my husband is so close to her and Chase too...
It's a shame that more of our family doesn't spend time
with her. She fell a few months ago and broke her femur.
This time life is taking more time to return to normal
for her and she is having a hard time getting around.
I'm grateful that my dad and our little family that have been there
for Nana for the last 15 years and that we have memories
that are priceless.