Sunday, September 7, 2008

This poor child and his goofy,
snaggle toothed grin.
We embarrassed him twice this weekend ,
once when he fell in a hole in front of a lot
of people and we laughed pretty hard.
One minute his was standing
the next he was in
a hole and then he popped
back up, then at Walmart
when my dad scared him
by tickling the back of his leg
while he very intently inspected some toys.
He was kicking and hopping around,
we laughed pretty hard and again
he was embarressed.
Then at lunch today, we were
eating and all of the sudden he says
"Mom, look...look"
I look and one of the teeth that he hit
was in the middle of his chewed up
pizza in his mouth. He was
pretty gratefull that he didn't swallow it.
His only concern again was the tooth fairy.

I still love you and your goofy grin son.

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