Friday, November 14, 2008

I have sooo much to do and not
enough time to do it in, plus
I have another kidney stone that is killing
my back and making it impossible to get anything done.
Normally I sew at night, but I spend most of
my nights throwing up these days
while this ugly stone is taking my life over.
In the pictures below I have the makings of
2 loveys, 9 rag quilts, (3 are Moda Strawberry
2 I Spy quilts, 1 I am a Child of God quilt,
1 Chocolate Princess
Rag quilt, 1 rag Quilt with Amy Butler
and other fabric
designers fabrics) and a Christmas Soft/Quiet book.
Not to mention so many other projects, plus
a custom order for 25 dress die cuts that are
embellished or embossed.
I need two more arms, another day in the week
and a few more hours in each day.
Oh and no more stinkin' kidney stones.
I hardly drink soda, but I do take a medication
that wihout it I am miserable, so guess what.....
every year around November or December
I have to suffer thru another round of stones
and stents. This year I told Nate, no matter what
I am not going in until I am so sick I have
to go in the hospital.
If you've never had a stent in your kidney
and out your ureter
then you are in for a real treat.
Here I'm whinning about my little stone, when
one of my Aunts is facing a huge battle with
breast cancer at 37, that's only 2 years older than
me and my very best friend lost her nephew last
week the day before his 21st birthday.
I guess I should just hush and go to bed,

3 Scraps:

Stacie said...

((((Christy)))) Praying for you :( I hope you feel better soon.

On another note - I am LOVING the chocolate princess stuff you're doing. How big are the quilts? And have you ever thought of a pink & chocolate one? My dd needs a new quilt for her double bed :)

Angie said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. My mom dealt with those and she says they are not fun. And I LOVE the shoes! GREAT JOB on them! I'm excited to see all your quilts finished!

Krista said...

CHRISTY!! I am loving your stuff! I had no idea you had so much crafty talent! My sister is having a baby in Feb. I would love to order some shoes and maybe a can never have enough blankets in Arizona!! :) I'm so glad I found your blog! Feel better too- YUCK! Talk to ya soon!Krista (Phil's wife)