Monday, December 1, 2008

So despite being sick, I had a great
Thanksgiving Day with my family.
Saturday I had a booth at the parade
here in Florence. I did surprisingly well.
I was able to reduce my inventory and sell
quite a few Gold Cayon Candles as well
as some items from Clemz Clozet.
I am excited, as I have some great quilts in
the works:
The Chocolate Princess Quilt
The Cupcake Quilt
The I am a Child of God Quilt
The Urban Chicky Quilt
The Urban Blues Quilt
The Urban Brown Quilt
and a few more surpises.
Gotta go, lots to catch up on...

2 Scraps:

Stacie said...

I cannot WAIT to see the cupcake quilt! Ashlynn's room is cupcakes & candy!

Angie said...

You blankets are so cute!!! i need to put in an order for some shoes for Addie just some go with everthing ones....brown, black ect. I'll talk to you about it at church! Good job on all your stuff! Did you get Chase's bike back? And tell Chase I said good job on the student of the month!!!