Monday, April 20, 2009

OK, I got my Sewing machine back
after a very rude transaction with the
repair place. Mulqueen Sewing in Mesa.
If you're not a Snow Bird then they
don't want your business.
This picture of the blown up pillow
has a funny story to go with it:
Nate has had this pillow for about 10 years
of our 12 years married. GROSS I KNOW.
He loves and takes it every where with
him when we travel.
For about 2 weeks, I kept finding
these huge nasty looking lint balls
in our bed, on the floor and in our laudry.
One night I finally told Nate "enough".
So were searched our room. I tell
Nate to strip the bed so I can wash all
the linens and we find his pillow
covering has desintegrated. Mystery Solved.
Chase had some visitors over Spring Break.
His Grandma Ruffi, his Aunt April and
cousin Amanda from New Mexico.
He also had a friend named Flat Stanley
from school with him.
He went everywhere with us for 2 weeks.

To garage sales, to visit Nana Cluff in Rehab,
to practice baseball games, to eat dinner,
shopping for cleats, and sliding underware.

This is the 2009 Opening Ceremonies for
the Little League. Chase was so cute
in his uniform.
During the first game, he won't stay off
the ground. I tell him to stay off it and
he tells me he's supposed to get dirty.
Then he slides into home and misses
the plate by about 2 feet. His slide
ran out of umpf. He had to get up and
hustle the rest of the way to the plate.

Here's Chase with his class at
the park hunting eggs and playing games
the Friday before Easter. The whole
1st grade walked there and had a blast.

Chase coloring eggs in his underware.
Not sure what that was all about.

Chase in his robe on Easter morning
hunting eggs.

The "Girls" at the Easter picnic
on the 96 Ranch. So tired
the slept on the ground.
They had fun.

The Famous Pit that we did every
year to pit BBQ some
Javelina, Chicken and a Ham.
It was all YUMMY.

Chase and Bailey hunting eggs in the
wash. Addie and Caeda were still

Enough for now, will post more later.

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The Johnston Family said...

Thanks for checking out my pics! :) The pillow thing with Nate cracks me up. As far as adding to our walls...I am definitely up for it. I need to paint first...maybe I will get to that this summer! :) I will remember who to call for some help with decorating! lol