Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tonight Nate is in Prescott
after a long drive and it's
snowing on him.
My parents are at the
Eagle's concert. Chase talked
with my parents by phone, you
know how they can't go a day
without seeing him or talking
to him.
I texted my parents to update
them on Grandma and my mom
called back to relay a funny
conversation she had with
Chase earlier.
When Chase had talked to Nate
earlier, Nate mentioned he was in
asked Chase if his dad had left yet
and Chase told her yes that he was
"in hour" she asked if Nate was in the
shower and Chase said ya, in
"the hour"
so mom asked again and
Chase gave the same
reply. After a few times and both
of them getting impatient with
each other, mom finally figured out
that Chase meant "RUSH HOUR"
not "in hour" or "in the shower".
You have to know how my mom and
Chase interact with one another to
understand how this could happen.
Chase frequently miss
states odd words
like that and my mom,
well that's my mom...

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