Monday, August 23, 2010

The first pic is from my 1st
Swap Bot Partner...Oh Sew Addicted
Thanks, Bunches...
2nd pic is some new fabric
that arrived, lovin' it...

3rd pic is some Oliver + S patterns,
too late for the Sew-Along,
but I don't mind, now that
they are in my pattern stash.

Nylon Chiffon...NO FRAY,
so stinkin excited...
Pettiskirts here we come...

Some Heather Ross to build
up my stash...

Some Pez and Peas and Carrots
to build up the stash as well,
totally lovin' it...

Just what I needed after

a long, not feeling to hot weekend.

Had a biopsy and D/C Thursday.
It's taking a few days to feel

like my self again.
YIPEE for the mail,
it's not always bills, haha.

2 Scraps:

Angie said...

Love all the fabric! Love the black and pink I'm so excited!! Hope you are feeling up to it if you are not do not stress about it at all!

Christy said...

Not at all, excited is what I am, haha. We'll see if I say that when I'm done, with all those gathers. Can't wait for you to photograph them.