Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sometimes change is inevitable...
and the time for a change is now.
I will be returning to the workforce,
outside of the home.
Not a decision made lightly.
I had to wait for the right
position to come along: good hours,
great benefits, better than average
salary, and the chance to advance, in
the near future, not years from now.
Well I must say that, my darling
child was not so happy about my choice
to work outside the home, neither were
some of the parents of the little friends
who come to play with me everyday.
I was loyal to them all and am now
finding out that not all are as loyal
in return. That bites a bit. My home
has been open for the last few years.
Knock and walk in has been our welcome.
I am sad to say that next Friday, we will be
changing that welcome. The door will close
as my little friends leave and I know that they
won't be coming back on Monday, but it's
hard to know and not be able to explain to them,
that I do love them and they are truly some
of the most blessed and special spirits
that our Heavenly Father has entrusted
to our care here on this earth, in
these trying times. I will miss that constant
stream of hugs and cuddles, the smiles
and endless chatter. I will miss seeing
Karissa take her first steps. She got her first
tooth, rolled over, sat unassisted and crawled here
at our house. Same with Brody and Jackson and
my sweetie Connor. The older kids will
be missed as well, Tori and Nicholas, will
sorely be missed by Chase, they are his partners
in crime, army buddies, play house buddies
and popcicle buddies.
I have been blessed and have enjoyed
being part of these little ones lives, I will miss them
all, but can honestly say I won't miss the diapers,
the endless diapers, lol.
Love and Best Wishes to all
my little friends...

Friday, September 10, 2010

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here are some of the items
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