Saturday, October 16, 2010

This 1st picture was back in July.
The hottest part of the year
here in AZ to be having a mini
football camp...seriously 110 degrees
outside at 6pm. YIKES...
This was Chase's 1st taste of
football, so far so good... The 2nd week of practice, in early
August...still 105 degress at 6pm...
Double YIKES and killer mosquitos...
Chase still liking it, but the heat
and conditioning drills were tough...
His schedule since August:
Up at 545 am, breakfast, off to
school by 715 am.
Home from school at 3pm...
Homework, dinner and get ready
for practice all by 5pm,
515 pm out the door, arrive
at practice 27 miles away in the
nick of time for his 6pm practice.
845 pm arrive back at home,
shower, snack and to bed,
repeat, repeat, repeat,
all while making straight A's.
You get the drill, lol

The chant that is sung while they
run laps around the park...
Chase at his first scrimmage,
in Scottsdale, AZ.

Chase just before his 1st

game ever, keep in mind this
boy never watched football,
never pretended to play football,
never wanted to play football,
never played a football video game,
and he did a great job
hiding it, lots of parents and
some of the coaches did not believe
that he never played or tossed
around a football prior to July.

Chase lined up with
some of his teammates...
Some of the Wildcat Cheerleaders
waiting for the JPW's to make
their grand entrance after half time...
Chase, Elijah and Zeke
after their first game,
couldn't tell they got mercied
More than once...

Chase and some of his teammates,
posing before the game that
they finally scored their 1st
touchdown in...yep 6 games
into the season their team
scores for the 1st time. Some
proud tears were shed for these
sweet, hard-working boys
who up until today, had not
scored a touchdown in
any of their games...but they
scored 2 touchdowns today,
it was a hard loss 14-12
against the Soliders who
were win-less too, until today...
Here's my boy at half time,
having some gatorade, feeling
good about his team scoring for
the first proud of them.

This 100 lb boy is finally learning to play his size.

Later he made a great tackle
and a great fumble recovery...

Heading back out...

It was a long, sought after
scoring that happened today...
last week I asked Chase if he
was tired of losing yet and his
reply was, NOPE, I'm still
having FUN...I love his attitude,
his good sportsmanship and his
ability to roll with whatever
comes his way. I am proud that
he has played his heart out, on
both defense and offense, without
alot of breaks. I am proud that
he has managed to maintain
straight A's in school, obtain
his Wolf Badge in Cub Scouts and
deal with losing another tube in his
ear all while playing football.

I see great things in store
for this sweet little man...

Love ya Buddy...
sooo proud of you.

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