Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's hard to believe that
Nate and I have been married
for 11 years today.
I can still remember how hot is was.
So much has happened in the last decade+.
It sounds funny to say that.
I still laugh when I think of all the funny things
that happend that day.

My mom was so nevous that
she got out of the shower without rinsing her hair.
Then she couldn't find our marriage license,
which we had brought down to Florence
for safe keeping as we were living in Tucson.

My dad and all the guys went bird hunting
early that morning before going over to the ELKs
lodge to shred all the meat that we had pit BBQ'd over night.
I was so worried that something would happen
and that they would be late getting back and getting ready.

It was so awesome to see the turn
out at the wedding and reception.
We danced all night and had the best time.
It meant so much to have all of our family and
friends there with us to celebrate the night.

I can still remember hating that we could
not cover up the huge ELK mount on the the wall
so in the pictures of our wedding cake you can see him.
What a redneck thing to have in your wedding pictures.

Happy Anniversary to US.
I love you Nate.
Thanks for being a great husband
and the best dad.

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