Friday, June 13, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS....Chase had a great kindergarten year. I let my Mom talk me into letting Chase go casual to the promotion ceremony. It killed me not to put him in a shirt and tie. OH well, I survived.
I had fun making these center pieces for the tables for his class. Chase was so cute, a woman kept trying to take one of the center pieces. He knew that we were saving them for Mrs. Wright to be able to use again, so he went and grabbed the last two on the tables. The woman came and told him she wanted one and he said "no". She was very insistant and asked again. He told her "NOPE" , smiled and turned around quickly heading towards us. When he got to us he said, "did you see that crazy lady? She wouldn't leave me alone. These are for Mrs. Wright". We laughed. And the next thing you know the lady in question heads over and asks, "is that your little boy and we say yes". She says she wants one of the center pieces but he won't let her have one. I gently explained that I had made them for Mrs. Wright and she turned around and stomped off not to happy.

And then there's Mrs. Wright. Chase had a great year in her class and I'm sad to see him leave her but excited that he'll be in first grade. Many thanks to Mrs. Wright for making Chase's first year of school, fun and memorable.

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