Monday, July 21, 2008

Chase wanted to take something "GOOD"
for a snack for the first day of school.
I asked what he meant by good
and he says "you know like zuchinni bread".
I told him some of his friends might not like it so let's make 2 things.
I found this receipe for these pin wheel cookies on a blog called
"A Pinch of This a Pinch of That" and thought
that they looked cute and seemed easy to make.
They turned out pretty good and really
are easy to make. Then I moved onto Chase's favorite
zuchinni bread. You'd think the kid would be tired
of zuchinni bread but he's not.
So here is the fearless wonder ready for his first day of 1st Grade.
He's alittle tired but otherwise excited to head off to school.
We get to school and he's trying to figure out where his water bottle, lunch box and back pack go.

Here he is seated next to Ryan and Jack. He's happy that alot of his
buddies from Kindergarden are in his class.

Just like the an old pro,
he settled in without any problems.

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Brilliantly Bridge said...

Christy how have you been. I see so little of you it makes me sad. I want to hang out with you at a Stake Dance or something. Have a sweet day.