Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Wednesday, I didn't get to really talk to Chase after school, so I missed his funny comment for the day. On Thursday, after school, I ask how his day went and he responds by telling me that he did some (and I quote) "metal source testing". Stumped I ask if he learned this in science and he says no mom. I did this on the play ground. By then I was really intrigued. I pressed a little more and out comes this definition of "metal source testing":

I went to the monkey bars and used one finger to touch them. They were way to hot. I went to the swings and they were ok. I went to the cheese and it was hot, then I touched the turtle and it was so hot that I screamed like a girl until the bell rang.

I guess "metal source testing" is a 1st graders way of saying he was checking the temperature of the play ground equipment.

Then on Friday, I ask how school was and he says "sweet mom, we had compooters (computers) today, but we didn't get to touch them. We had to hear the rules first.

Here's to my little genius and his "metal source testing" and "compooters".

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