Monday, June 29, 2009

Woke up at 430 am, the triplets
come over early. Got everyone
fed and dressed in time
for the rest of my kids
to arrive. Sent Nate and
Chase off to the dentist.
2 weeks ago Nate bit a
Cheeto and one of his molars
sheared off. So he had to
have his tooth repaired and a
filling done while Chase had
his teeth cleaned. Thankfully
Chase got a good report from
the dentist. I started and finished this
cute little number.
It's a birthday present
for a cousin who turns
"1" on July 4th.

Love how it turned out just
need to find something to top
off the candle.

Continued with my craft room
destash. I literally have
hundreds of stickers, alphabets,
embellishments, die cuts....
you name it for scrapbooking and crafting.
These pics represent
what I'm getting rid of.
I still have tons more than this
to go through.

I set the goal to destash
earlier this year and am
stickin' to it.
Even if it's killing me...
It took along time to build up
my scrap stash .

The nightly harvest is still
going well. Tomorrow I'll
be bottling a few pints and
quarts of stewed tomaters.
Can't just stick the little
reds in my shirt front anymore
gotta take a couple grocery
bags to collect my
garden loot.

Took the kids to the pool.
They had a great time.
It was really hot.
Cleaned the bathroom,
cleaned the kitchen
with Nate's help.
Hasseled Chase
about reading his 2 books for
the day.
Destroyed the kitchen
making this delicious chicken
pot pie and had to clean
the kitchen all over again,
thankfully with lots of
help from Nate.

My mom is in Colorado so dad
came over and helped us
wipe out the chicken pot pie.
Can't tell by the pic but this
is a large pie stone not
some itty bitty frozen
pot pie.

Can't sleep, the 'ol fibroid
and kidney stone are killing
me tonight.
Can't believe Chase
will be in 2nd grade
in just 3 short weeks
and baptized in 8 shorter
WOW...time is flyin'.

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