Sunday, June 21, 2009

So this is kinda a random post
but it sums up the last few days.
Next Sunday will be our 12th Anniversay.
Can't believe we've been married
that long. It seems like a year or two.
We decided to celebrate this weekend
by staying in Prescott for a few days.
The weather was gorgeous.
This sign however was too funny.
I found this little tanning salon in
Prescott Valley when Nate went
into a gun store. Can't complain as
he let me make a few stops along
the way and boy did I score a few
great bargains:
Like these shutters in like new condition.
I've been looking for a set for a cute craft,
storage idea I saw on a blog. I have been
to cheap to pay the going rate of around
$30 - 40 a pair and my patience finally
paid off. I got 2 sets for a steal.
A coat of paint and some vinyl
lettering and decals and
you won't recognize these plain ones.
Anyone need a set,
I only need one.
Then onto Prescott Goodwill. We stopped in
while we were killing time before we could
check into our suite at the Prescott
Inn & Suites. Nice place, huge king sized
bed and jacuzzi in the suite.
Well I found a beautiful chest in there
that I really wanted and on Saturday
they were having a 50% of the whole store
sale. I thought for sure we would score
the chest too. Not so. When the doors
opened Nate and I raced back to find
the chest had been sold the day before.
Boy was I bummed, not bummed
enough to pay full price for it tho.

But I did score these great "I Spy books for
$1.49 for all three. Some shorts for Nate,
Chase and myself, thankfully not a wasted

I also found these little darlings
at a quilt shop in Prescott Valley.
Love them and sure won't see
them on every other Rag Quilt
Etsy shop.
We had fun, lost $50 bucks at
Bucky's Casino, had some great
food and walked down Wiskey Row
and Cortez Street. Visited some awesome
little shops and for the first
time Chase wasn't with us.
But not to worry, my parents
came to his rescue as usual and
rented a cabin in Pinetop to keep him
happy while we played and relaxed.
We also watched "The Proposal"
with Sandra Bullock. If you want
a laugh out loud funny movie
then this is it. We laughed the
whole time.

Then on my latest project. I really need
to finish this one and get it into my
Etsy shop.
More to post later, waiting for Chase
to get back form Pinetop so we
can celebrate Father's Day.
He's sure to have some funny
tales to post about later.

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