Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ok, since January I have been
working on cleaning out the craft
room or "Dungeon" as I call it.
It was a porch on the back of
our house that was closed in
by the previous owners.
Not a pretty room by any means,
but it serves me well.
Not meant to be pretty,
as we will
be tearing it down soon to
put the porch back on the rear of
the house.
Earlier today Nate comes down
the hall to the laundry
room and asks why all the totes.
I tell him it's fabric I can't fit in my
cabinets or the craft room.
He goes in the room... Looks around, shakes his head

Opens this cabinet and says,
"I found Joann's where's Michaels"?
I laugh and tell him it's not that
bad and he shakes his

Then he opens this cabinet and
again asks "Where did Michaels go"?

These cabinets used to be filled
with paper crafting supplies.
Now they have been moved to the wall
of the second picture.
He mutters as he's leaving the room,
"How are Chase and I supposed
to find all the good stuff"?
Meaning the cardmaking stuff
and all the crafty stuff that Chase likes.
I guess they will just have to look
seeing as how it's all organized
even if it still looks a mess.

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