Thursday, July 16, 2009

My sweet SIL Anna had a little
surprise for me this evening.
She called Nate's phone earlier
today. I answered and she informed
me she wanted Nate.
He hands the phone to me a few
minutes later and she comes
over and picks me up.
We head out with her triplet
LIL' thing is what we came
home with.
She is sooo TINY...
I'll have to get out the
Postal Scale tomorrow and
she how much she weighs.
She is FIESTY, cute, SASSY
and sooo ADORABLE.
Instantly went to Chase and
let him love on her and she
generously returned the lovin'.
Chewed on Nate's fingers.

She ate a little, played alittle,
peeded alittle and then
curled up with Chase in
his super soft Superman

I have no idea what to name her.
Need alittle help here.
What should I name her???
Thank you Anna for the
sweet, thoughful gift.