Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We made a mad dash
to the Temple this evening
to take this picture of
Chase sitting at the feet
of Christ for the cover
of his baptism program.
I still need to lighten and
soften it alittle but it's
exactly what I wanted.
Now I just need to get the
program typed up. Chase made
all of his calls to enlist
the help of family
and friends to participate
in his baptism.
Over the years I have
created many baptism
program covers and each
of them has been unique
and I never repeat them.
So I just had to find
something for Chase
that I hadn't done
for anyone else. Now
the fun part, finding
the right font and
shape. Deciding how much
to soften, how much to
fade out the edges and
what kind of glossy paper
to use so that it still
looks like a program and
not a picture.
Just can't resist posting this
pic taken tonight at the Temple.
Don't ya just love that cute
little smile???
I DO...
Happy I have soooo
much to get done in
the next few weeks

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The Johnston Family said...

Wow! How time flies! Love the pictures...Hope that you are doing well...haven't seen ya in a while. Miss being in young women! It was neat to have women to talk to! :)