Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today we began the celebration
for Chase's 8th birthday. By
begin, I mean today was his party
with the buddies he wanted
to accompany him to
Amazing Jakes.
They had a ton of fun.
As you can see by their version
of silly faces.
We were supossed to be eating
but the boys were too excited to
go play games.
They even started opening the
gifts before we were ready.
He received a major gift from
my parents the night before.
A "Doodle Bug" a little red
100 cc motor bike. We got a
helmet for him.
I'll post pics of that later.
Then onto the games and lines.
First it was laser Tag which they
absolutely loved.

Then onto what seemed like
a million games of Air Hockey.
I must say I played with one
boy or another at sometime
throughout the day.

As usual lines and lines and
more lines. Then onto
golf which tried my patience.
They were quite the wrecking
crew with the golf balls and
golf clubs if you know what
I mean.

My crazy mom who if
you know her well you know
that she loves Pac Man
but will settle for Ms. Pac Man
if she must.
I am not joking when I say that
she stayed at this game for over
3 hours. Yes, I said 3 hours, non stop.
Over 180 minutes.

We had a great time.
The boys were so well behaved
and we didn't lose anyone this year,
unlike last year.
So now it's onto
Cake and Ice Cream with family
on his actual birthday next week,
his baptism this month and starting
Cub Scouts in little less than a week.
So much already completed this
month yet so much left to do.
I still have the baptism program,
picking up his first set of
scriptures with his name on
them of course and picking
up his cub scout uniform, food
for after the baptism
and of course the memory quilt I have
been working on as part of my
talk at his baptism.
Crossing my fingers that
I get it all

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