Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is Chase a few hours
after he was born. Such a
skinny little thing. The
diapers would just slide right
off of him and he would wiggle
out of his shirts.
Hard to believe he was
ever this small. Especially
now that he is weighing
in at 75 pounds.
I have always loved his
little duck lips in this picture.
He was so sweet and sooo cute
as a baby.
My little Old Navy Baby.
His "1" year pictures. First
haircut and first 2 teeth.

This pic is in my parents
front yard. Boys will
try anything.

This crazy haired little
boy looks so much like my
little brother in this picture.
He loved the Rottie pups at
my parents. I'm sure
the puppies were always happy to
see him go home.

Here is the attitude
starting to come out in
his pictures.

And more attitude
on the first day of school
this year. He's just
getting too cool for mom.

And here we are
"8" years later. He is now
baptized and confirmed a
member of the
Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Saints.
Will have to post those pics later.

Last Thursday he tells me:
Chase: Mom, I have a girlfriend.
Me: Oh yeah, who?
Chase: S.L.
Me: Wow, how long has she been
your girlfriend?
Chase: Not long, I liked her,
but she didn't know it. But I
knew she liked me.
Today on the way home from school:
Chase: S.L. hit me today.
She's not my girlfriend anymore.
Me: Oh, really... why not?
(dying to laugh)
Chase: Don't know, don't really care.
I have too much chasing to do at school
to worry about having a girlfriend.
They're mean anyways.
(I'm really dying to laugh now)
I had to wait until I got
home. Go in the bedroom and
laugh my head off. Poor boy.
He's just getting started.

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