Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miss Maggie is getting bigger,
she's still pretty little.
She has a funny, fiesty attitude.
Maggie wasn' t too sure about
this cute little number.... Here she is modeling her new
little hoodie.
Maggie and her chewies.

We love Miss Maggs. We love how she
tries sooo hard to jump on the couch.
She makes 1 out of every 4 attempts.
We love how Miss Maggs makes
us laugh squeaking her duck.
We love how Miss Maggs
cuddles behind us or hides
in the couch cushions to sleep.
We love how she steals Chase's
clothes in the morning, when she
thinks he should be playing with her
instead of getting ready for school.
We love how Miss Maggs
makes us all happy and
bites Nate's ankles as he goes down
the hall. We also love how she has
Nate wrapped around her little paws.
(He would deny it, but it is true)

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