Thursday, November 12, 2009

I survived my surgery. It actually
went much better than I had hoped.
I ended up with three incisions, had
hoped for one but am grateful Dr. Falk
didn't have to open me up all the way.
Had lots of scar tissue. My belly button
was attched to my uterus. Had scar
tissue from my C-section site attached to
my bowel The ovaries survived, no more
fibroids and will talk to Dr. Falk more
on the 25th at my post-op appointment.
I was to goggy to remember what he called
the condition with my uterus. Said it was
really boggy that's why I bled all the time.
Today I'm really sore from the gas spreading
thru-out my body. That actually hurts worse
than the three incisions. I am so gratetful
that Nate is able to cook and clean,
and that the boys can look after me so well.
Off to sip more hot tea and have some sherbert,
C ya later.

2 Scraps:

Angie said...

Oh I'm so glad it went well!!!! And even more glad you survived! = ) YAy for laptops so you can chill on the couch and have something to do!

Christy said...

Exactly as I'm sore and really bored. I had Nate bring me Chase's drawers and I cleaned them out while sitting on the couch. You know me I can't stand to be still, thanks for the well wishes, your new photos are great, love the ones of Hannah.