Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Friday Mrs. Claus
made a stop by my house to
see the little ones.
Today Brody, Connor and I
were able to spend time in
Chase's class making
gingerbread houses.
They turned out great
and Connor and Brody are
so easy to cart around.
Have food will travel.

Gotta love this wagon
that my SIL gave me. It has
another seat that can be added.
The kids love it.
Brody thinks he's
in a roller coaster ride.
He squeals everytime
we take off.

Chase and Santa at school today.
Chase is getting to big to sit
in Santa's lap.

I just LOVE Christmas Time ...

2 Scraps:

Rose said...

I love the wagon, it is perfect!

Christy said...

You should see it with all four seats and all of the seats full. The kids absolutely love to be drug around in it.