Saturday, January 2, 2010

Under the Christmas Tree
there was this box holding the
most amazing contraption in it.
I am sooooo in love ...
I can't stop sewing with it ...
In no time flat I am
producing skirts and shirts
and am continually amazed
each time at how fun and easy
my new serger is to
use. I was scared to death
to thread it the first time
one of the threads broke.
It was sooo easy. I sweated
for nothing.

Just happen to know a
sweet little cow girl who
needed some little outfits
to go with her
John Deere boots and her
pink boots.

Just look how perfectly
the garment edge is finished.

Off to play some more,
gotta learn how to use the
gathering foot and make
a rolled hem for my
petal skirt ...
C YA ...

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