Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm still tired and grumpy
about a few things, but I am
I am grateful that my
son is a good boy. That he isn't
destructive or naughty.
I can't ever remember a time
were he has broken things
or made messes just to be naughty.
He never got in my makeup or
tore things apart. He used to
stir the toilet bowl with my
hair brushes and he colored
on the refrigerator one time with
crayons but that's it.
He doesn't get in my makeup,
he doesn't destroy things. I'm
grateful that he's not a
troublemaker at school.
I am so grateful that when
he walks out the door for school
or any other reason, I know I can
be proud of him and how he will
conduct himself.
I'm grateful for my little family...

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