Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day started out with Chase feeling sick, coughing and having a fever. Some medicine and rest and he was feeling better.

Nate and Chase were very sweet to me. They gave me cards, flowers and lots of gifts. The family came over and we had pizza (no one was cooking) and lots of yummy desserts.

Everyone left and Chase says his foot hurts. Then it starts to swell, then it swells even more, then Chase is crying and then he can't walk on it. So at 8pm off to Banner Desert ER we go.

This is what we come home with:


I was surprised at how quickly Chase picked up on using the crutches. He's clicking around the house. We'll see how school goes tomorrow???
"Happy Mother's Day" he says, with a giant smile on his face as we sit in the ER.

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