Saturday, May 3, 2008

Still can't believe somedays that I am this little guys mom.
It's amazing how a hair cut and a little soap can transform a dirty, rugged little sprite into such a handsome little boy.

I just love it when the digital camera works magic and captures him at his best. Sure wish I knew what he was thinking. Probably "Mom, hurry up. I hate the shirt, the shoes and just want to play".

He hated this old building and couldn't understand why I wanted a picture of him in front of it. Someday when he looks at this picture and his wife comments on how cute he looks, maybe then he'll understand.


What else can I say, except this is why my world spins around, this is why the sun rises and sets each day, this little man is my heart. I always thought I'd have several children. So far it hasn't been the Lord's will. I am so grateful and blessed that Chase is my son.

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