Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chase loves that the field is named after him. The only complaint was "Why do they spell my name in all capital letters?" As part of the District 4 Little League day he received a pair of Diamond Backs batting gloves and a Diamond Backs hat. He thought it was all about CHASE...

We were able to sit on the left side along the third base line. I thought we ended up with pretty good seats and will definitely go again. Chase and Bradley were able to walk in a parade around the outer perimeter of the field just before the game started.

This is a picture to show where they walked and where we sat.

Here we are wondering when the game will start. The Mets were having batting practice. We left Chase with the coaches and there were hundreds of kids there all waiting for the parade and the start of the game.
I thought Chase was going to eat the whole time. First it was a corn dog, then popcorn, then a root beer, next some cotton candy, the biggest bag my parents could find. Chase and Dad were literally playing tug of war to see who could eat it the fastest. Then Chase moved on to my cherry slurpee, then to Nate's nachos. He finally finished with some water.
Now the sad news, the D Backs lost.

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Brilliantly Bridge said...

Wow what a fun outting. Thanks for the comment. I will look for you at church. It's nice to run into people from 1st ward.

Angie said...

How fun. I bet Chase was in heaven. Cute pictures you took. good job