Monday, June 30, 2008

Last year when Chase lost his first tooth
it was tragic for him. He was miserable
and I finally had to grab him and
pull it out with dental floss.
Then a few months later
he lost the second one. No problem.
He was begging me
to pull it out so he could get
that money from the tooth fairy.
Since before school let
out he has had three loose teeth.
They seem to be supper glued
in there this time. My worry is that
for his 1st grade pictures. I
defintely do not want that.
This morning at 5am,
Chase comes out into the living room
where Nate and I are.
He has this strange look on his face.
He reaches in his mouth, pulls out his fingers
and has them pinched really tight together.
I'm wondering if he's sleep walking.
I tell him I can't see anything
and hold out my hand.
He drops his little tooth in it.
Nate says, wow he pulled his tooth out.
Chase smiles, goes in the bathroom and
rinses his mouth out,
climbs on the counter,
peeks in the mirror and
then gets down and
heads down the hall back to sleep.
Crazy kid.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's hard to believe that
Nate and I have been married
for 11 years today.
I can still remember how hot is was.
So much has happened in the last decade+.
It sounds funny to say that.
I still laugh when I think of all the funny things
that happend that day.

My mom was so nevous that
she got out of the shower without rinsing her hair.
Then she couldn't find our marriage license,
which we had brought down to Florence
for safe keeping as we were living in Tucson.

My dad and all the guys went bird hunting
early that morning before going over to the ELKs
lodge to shred all the meat that we had pit BBQ'd over night.
I was so worried that something would happen
and that they would be late getting back and getting ready.

It was so awesome to see the turn
out at the wedding and reception.
We danced all night and had the best time.
It meant so much to have all of our family and
friends there with us to celebrate the night.

I can still remember hating that we could
not cover up the huge ELK mount on the the wall
so in the pictures of our wedding cake you can see him.
What a redneck thing to have in your wedding pictures.

Happy Anniversary to US.
I love you Nate.
Thanks for being a great husband
and the best dad.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I have finally applied the
three column format to my blog
and not sure if I like it.
Now all I have to do is add
a few of my favorite things
that I lost and all of my favorite
craft and digi scrap sites
and I am back in business.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am so frustrated,
thought I had saved everything
as I was adding the third column on my blog
and now all my lists are gone...
All that I have to show is,
potty mouth
and alot of work to redo.
Back to the drawing board again.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

See this cute little number. And what a BARGAIN to make. Awhile back my neighbor's neice made the cutest purse/tote out of 2 placemats and some ribbon. So I slightly modified the design and this is what I came up with...
I sewed a $1 place mat together, added some ribbon and VIOLA.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I just had to share a super cute picture of Chase asleep at the top of the couch in the cushions with Nate asleep on the couch too.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...Finally Chaser Bug can swim. He has always loved being and playing in water and for some time now he has told a fib about his swimming abilities. But no more, he can actually swim. This last set of lessons did it, now for the reinforcement: one more set of lessons to begin on Monday. Yeah!!!

CONGRATULATIONS....Chase had a great kindergarten year. I let my Mom talk me into letting Chase go casual to the promotion ceremony. It killed me not to put him in a shirt and tie. OH well, I survived.
I had fun making these center pieces for the tables for his class. Chase was so cute, a woman kept trying to take one of the center pieces. He knew that we were saving them for Mrs. Wright to be able to use again, so he went and grabbed the last two on the tables. The woman came and told him she wanted one and he said "no". She was very insistant and asked again. He told her "NOPE" , smiled and turned around quickly heading towards us. When he got to us he said, "did you see that crazy lady? She wouldn't leave me alone. These are for Mrs. Wright". We laughed. And the next thing you know the lady in question heads over and asks, "is that your little boy and we say yes". She says she wants one of the center pieces but he won't let her have one. I gently explained that I had made them for Mrs. Wright and she turned around and stomped off not to happy.

And then there's Mrs. Wright. Chase had a great year in her class and I'm sad to see him leave her but excited that he'll be in first grade. Many thanks to Mrs. Wright for making Chase's first year of school, fun and memorable.

OK, So I'm behind on my posts. I had a blast with PAINT, some WOOD, VINYL and my SILHOUETTE.

This is what came of all the fun. I cannot believe the good fortune I had in purchasing the
Silhouette. I still have yet to master it, but love all that it can do.

Now if I can just get to work on things for my own home.

Monday, June 9, 2008

One of my best friends is co-owner of a tea shop and boutique. If you are looking for a treat and lots of cute goodies you should stop by her place. It's called Tea Dreams. Here is the web site link with a preview of the place: