Monday, June 30, 2008

Last year when Chase lost his first tooth
it was tragic for him. He was miserable
and I finally had to grab him and
pull it out with dental floss.
Then a few months later
he lost the second one. No problem.
He was begging me
to pull it out so he could get
that money from the tooth fairy.
Since before school let
out he has had three loose teeth.
They seem to be supper glued
in there this time. My worry is that
for his 1st grade pictures. I
defintely do not want that.
This morning at 5am,
Chase comes out into the living room
where Nate and I are.
He has this strange look on his face.
He reaches in his mouth, pulls out his fingers
and has them pinched really tight together.
I'm wondering if he's sleep walking.
I tell him I can't see anything
and hold out my hand.
He drops his little tooth in it.
Nate says, wow he pulled his tooth out.
Chase smiles, goes in the bathroom and
rinses his mouth out,
climbs on the counter,
peeks in the mirror and
then gets down and
heads down the hall back to sleep.
Crazy kid.

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Angie said...

How funny! It's funny that he zombied out pulled the tooth then zombied back.