Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Today we had the opportunity to take Chase to the State Capital for a peaceful protest regarding proposed budget cuts to the State Budget that will directly affect all schools in the state. I read an email on Tuesday of this week from Gary Nine, our School District Superintendent. I was very concerned with the proposal by the state to do away with all day Kindergarden, to cut the school week from 5 days to 4 days, to reduce the soft capital budget this year by over a Million $$$ and then to have $0 for , yes zero dollars, for the next school year. This means no school books or curriculum for next year. Cutting the pay for all teachers, doing away with their career ladder, laying off many support staff from our schools. If you are reading this and live here in AZ, I would ask you to do as Dr. Nine did of us at the protest today:

Email your Senate and House Reps today. Email Govenor Brewer while your at it. Call them as well. Then in a few days do it again. Ask those you know to do the same. If your children are finished with school, then do it for your grandchildren. If your children arn't in school yet, then do it for the safety and preservation of their future, their Education. If we let them cut the school budgets so severly this year, what will stop them in years to come from even more drastic cuts??? NOTHING, act now or don't complain later when your child has to do with out.

We missed church to do this. We very seldom miss church. But I thought this was a very worthy cause. I also wanted Chase to be a part of this. One voice, can make an amazing difference and Dr. Nine started as the one voice. And today there were hundreds, I would guess at least 2,500 people there on the lawn of the State Capital today. It was a neat experience, but it is meaningless if it stops there and the voices raised today are quiet tomorrow.

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