Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday was a horrible day...
My sweet little guy woke with an upset
stomach, much earlier than he normally does.
I think it's his acid reflux, he throws up a few
times and then he feels better. I send him
to school because he begs to go. He loves school.
I get a call about 45 minutes later to come get him
he's green and throwing up.

Over the next few hours he continues to throw up.
I say a prayer and immediately know I need to call
his Pediatrician. He has never been this sick before.
We schedule an appointment, first they think it's
a bad stomach virus, but no fever or any other
symptoms, Then maybe his appendix, then maybe
a bowel obstruction as he contiunes to throw up
a dark green bile.
Nate and my Dad take hime to the doctor,
to get X-rays
that no one will do at 5pm.
In the truck they give him a blessing.
Finally his prescription is ready.
In 10 minutes he's a competely different child.
I talk to my mom and she mentions that she was sick that
morning too and then we make the connection:
The night before they shared
Chicken Parmagiana (sp??)
at a resturant in town.
Call his doctor change a few things
around, get the xrays back,
rule out everything else and
the poor child had a severe case
It was scary,
I had never seen him so sick and so lethargic.

I am so grateful for Priesthood Blessings.
He's fine today, hungary as a horse, but
can't have anything but the BRAT diet:
Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast

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