Sunday, January 4, 2009

( I stole this from a friends blog, it says it all)

The last few weeks have been crazy with the holidays,

kids, kidney stones and all those things I wanted to

get done, that I still have not finished.

Thought I'd set some goals for this year, here goes:

1. FHE weekly on Monday nights (no matter what).

I even got the schedule on the calendar to prove it.

2. Daily Scripture Study, private and family.

Chase is getting baptized this year and now more

than ever we need to get him going.

3. Service. I plan on me and my family performing

random or planned acts of service monthly. We are

going to pick someone or a group and figure out a

way that we can be of some service to them.

4. DESTASH !!! Need I say more. I have tons of

fabric and crafting supplies that I am not using.

5. Get Organized. This one is a novel all on it's own.

6. Food Storage...Keep the momentum going and keep

plugin' away each month on an item for our food storage.

7. Set up a Monthly Craft Saturday. This is in the

works just needs some fine tuning.

8. Pay a full tithe and increase our fast offering
as our Bishop suggested this Sunday.

9. Last but not least the most difficult one of all...

WEIGHT LOSS = Fertility Treatments.

It's time.

I am tired of being fat, yes I said it. FAT. And I really

want another child. Hopefully by putting this in print

for all to see, I can't just over look this goal and maybe,

just maybe I'll really do it this time.

3 Scraps:

Stacie said...

Best of luck to you too!!

Angie said...

I'm with you on the weight loss I hate it too! Good luck!

The Johnston Family said...

Love your list...reminds me that I need to make one soon! :) Have a great weekend!