Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yesterday we received Chase's 2009
Baseball pictures. I was shocked to see
how grown up he looked in them and
it had me going thru some of his old pictures.
Like this one for example.
He was such a sweet baby.
And this one with Nate.
Chase was always eating something
or always slobbering.
This is one of my absolute favs.
Gotta love those little duck lips.

Chase playing his first year of T-ball
at 3 yrs. of age.
He would rather play with the
pitchers mound than the ball.
Here he is without his glove.
Coach Garcia was always
asking him where his glove was.

Here is a series of my favorite three.
A friend of my dad's had a massive
camera with a foot long lense and
caught these great pics of Chase
batting. Look at that cute little face.

I see you snapin a pic of me, let me
make it worth your while he's thinkin.

And here, he hit the ball. It was a great hit,
yet he's too busy posing for the camera.

This is his first team picture
his first year of T-ball.
Note the giant thing on his lip.
A huge "feber bister' as Chase
called it. I felt so bad for him.
We found out that summer that
exposure to sun would cause these
huge blisters to form on his lip.
Nasty little things. It actually caused
a scar on his lip if you look really close.
And finally the picture that
caused this whole trip down memory
lane in the first place.
I can not believe how big he looks
in this picture.
In August he will turn
the big "8".
3 years of T-ball down
and his second year
of Coach Pitch mid way
done and


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