Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chase started 2nd grade
last week. Boy that summer
break went by really fast.
Here are pics form the big day.
Chase was not happy to
see the camera so
I barely snapped these pics
of the big day. Before we left the house...
Waiting for the bell to ring...

Not happy that I am taking
his pic in front of his buddies...
he really made it hard
for me to get any good
pics at all...

Anxiously waiting for the crazy
mom to leave so he can get
on with his day.
All in all it went well.
He was a little worried
about my choice for his teacher.
She has a rep for being stern,
very structured and not the
"fun one" that he wanted.
But she is a genius
when it comes to teaching
reading skills.
As the week went on he began
to relax and his response
to my daily questions
have been that he is
having a great time.
I no doubt attribute
this to the Father's Blessing
that he had the night before the
first day of school. Thank
heavens for the power
and authority of the priesthood.

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