Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Went for a walk this evening,
which I should do every evening, but
you know how it is you let things get
in the way or find an excuse not to go
or have something much more fun to
do. (Then you see a picture of yourself
and think WOW how did that happen?)
Or you get things ready to sew or
clean or sort the laundry with every
intention of really getting it all done,
but once again something much
more interesting came up. Or your
sweet little boy wants to hear stories
of his quilt or from your childhood.
Then you think back to conversations
you've had lately and lists you've
made of things to do, get done...
And you realize you're tired of playing
the nice one, of saying and doing
the right thing. Of treading ever so
lightly on others feelings who could
care less about your feelings and only
contact you when they need some
thing. I'm tired of sneaky, suspicious
people, who can't take reality and life.
Especially the life they chose.
I'm so grateful I have
a great family and great neighbors.
I'm grateful my life is full and
satisfying and doesn't center on my
next trip to the drive thru for a
diet soda or when the kids are gonna
take a nap or when the hubby is
gonna get home. I'm grateful Nate
likes to come home and does quickly
after work. I am so grateful he is
learning how to do the laundry my
way and that he even does the dishes
and that he helps hold my little
friends that come to play
with me each day.
Just needed to get that off my chest.
Feel better now...off to watch the
Good Wife after I tackle the laundry
and bathroom.

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