Sunday, March 7, 2010

I spent many hours
the last two days cutting
these cute little things for
a friend. There is the window frame,
the cartoon pig, the igloo and then
there is a fat pig not shown.
I'll explain more later when
I get a copy of the finished project
that these were used in.
I just love my Silhouette and all
that it can do. I have tons of scrap fabric.
Lots of flannel not lots of fleece.
I am tired of buying the
swiffer replacement thingys,
so I thought I bet I can make my own.
I started with this pile of scraps.
I cut a few layers and sewed
them together down the middle.
Made a pocket for the
stick thingy to fit in.
Fringed them.

Then I threw it in
the washing machine.
This is what came out.
Looks kinda yucky but
boy does it work swell.
I think I will make one
tomorrow with fleece. It
won't fray like the flannel
but should pick up just as well.


3 Scraps:

Trish_Nicole said...

That's so awesome! You should make those into gifts!

Christy said...

I'm working on it. I can't stand to use a wash cloth twice so it kills me to re-use the disposable swiffers more than once. This way we can all have one for every day of the week. And wash them all at once.

Trish_Nicole said...

Such a great idea! Yeah, same here. I can't use a wash cloth twice. And I don't buy sponges or swiffers because that's just too expensive to throw away!