Monday, March 1, 2010

So this is where we were
headed to at 5am today.
Chase slept most of the way there
and was surprisingly calm and
in a good mood for the trip.
He never let on that he was nervous
and says he wasn't. I have
a feeling that Nate and I were
more nervous and worried than he was.We checked in and after about 20
minutes we headed back to the
pre-op holding area. Chase
read One fish, two fish,
red fish, blue fish while we
waited. A nurse asked
a bunch of questions and then
Dr. Raines stopped by and
then the anthesiologist.
Finally they took him back
and we were so pleased that
there weren't any tears like
all the times before.

Here he is 25 minutes later.
The only thing we could see was a
little indentation where the
oxygen mask was and the same
on his ear where the strap lay.
It was so good to see him smiling.

Here he is 10 minutes
later patiently waiting for Nate
to bring the truck around so
we can go home.

Good news only had work and
a tube done on the left ear.
All is well with the right ear.
Dr. Raines is cautiously optimistic
that the eardrum will heal. It may take
several weeks up to several months
as it was much more retracted
than they realized.
Prayer will be my best friend
until we know if his hearing was
preserved or if he will eventually
need a hearing aid.

2 Scraps:

Trish_Nicole said...

Didn't know so much was going on with Chase's ears! I'll be praying for him. So glad he's doing well. <3

Christy said...

Thanks, Trish. Now we wait to see if his hearing will be restored if he'll have some bit of permanant hearing loss.