Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So, as you can see we have been busy.
Here's Chase in Blythe being eaten by the Dinosaurs.
Here was the best vacation ever...DISNEYLAND...
We had so much fun.
We had breakfast at the Story Tellers Cafe
at the California Grand with Chip, Dale, Turk,
and some of their friends.

This is a coveted, sought after prize...
and on our first day at Disneyland we all
managed to find the Disney employees who
were hiding with them.
It allowed us to get to the front of the
line on soooo many rides.
We were doing three rides in an hour,
it was so awesome

Here's Chase and Nate trying to FLEX
some muscle.

The three Hat-a-teers

California Adventures, where Chase
rode the Tower of Terror. He really
surprised me, he rode only roller coasters
no little rides. He is defintely a
thrill seeker.


And back to reality, demo work on our old
yucky, red neck fence

Nate loved the post hole digger

Viola, we are getting our fence in the
front yard, FINALLY

I'll post more later, we have some funny
stories to share.

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