Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have been dying to get this fabric cut,
pieced and stitched into a quilt. It will be
incredibly soft
as it's made all from cotton, cotton flannel and
cotton chenille. Can't wait to see it finished...

By the way, see the scissors in the middle.
My sweet husband bought them for me this
weekend. They are the Gingher Brand and if
you sew or quilt I would highly
recommend them. I was so tired of having
numb fingers from clipping my quilts and I
think Nate may have been tired of hearing
me complain about it. They are razor sharp.
They are pricey, so take your 40% coupon to
Joann's and pick up a pair.

2 Scraps:

Angie said...

WAY CUTE!! I love the colors...like a lot! That's fun you got them ipods for christmas. They are fun! And I'm so jealous of the scissors...mine are cheapy walmart. And I was just at joanne's tonight drooling over those scissors....LUCKY!

Stacie said...

I love the green & brown!! So cute!