Sunday, February 28, 2010

As I sit here thinking about
Chase's surgery tomorrow,
I can't help but feel terribly
sad for the family at this blog:
They are a sweet family with
a 2 year old daughter who
is dying from cancer.
I had to take a break from three
quilt blocks I'm working on for quilts
for her and her 2 sisters.
A Co-Op I belong to came up with
the idea to have random people send
quilt blocks for the family to help
them have something that will
remind them of Layla. The crafter's
in this group are truly unselfish
and generous in their thoughts and
concern for this family who
they don't even know.
It is a heart breaking, sad and tragic
story. Here I'm worried about
Chase and this little family
is trying to capture all they can of the
last days they have with
their sweet little girl.
If you think you've got
worries or problems,
take a break from
them and see just
how good we've
really got it.

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