Thursday, March 11, 2010

This year Chase was able
to participate in the Pine Wood Derby.
Chase's idea was a tank.
If you know him he is Army crazy.
The last two weeks have been
filled with this ...
These are the cars he raced
against in the Wolf Den.

Here he is, sooo excited
for his first race.

Here he is winning his second race.
Green car on the left.

Here, Chase and Merrick
are making faces. Chase informed
me later they were talking
about girls (WHAT???)

Here Chase is holding his
awards for the evening.

Here is the winning car ...
YEP, I said it.
Chase won 1st place
for the Wolf Den and
3rd Place Overall.

This car is Chase's vision.
We tried to influence him and
he stood firm on what he wanted.
It's a good thing he didn't
listen to us. Even my dad
was alittle skeptical when he saw
it up agianst the other cars and
after seeing one of
Chase's cousins cars.
Sometimes simple and classic
are better.

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